Sunday, 5 June 2016


The date has arrived and has truly felt like a looooonnnng time coming. Can't believe I have actually made it through a term of work as well as everything else to be able to get to this point.
I have spent half term seeing as many friends and family as possible and spending time quality time in the sun, before I am cooped up inside for the longest time.
I have also enjoyed a little bit of wedding planning, looking at venues, discussing this with my fiancé and even getting my dress!!! 👰🏽 We did initially think maybe October to get married so I was using the time I don't have sore wounds etc to get this part sorted and ready. However we are thinking now it is better to have longer to prepare and less rush for me to recover from this, knowing how long it took last time. Then the pressure is off. Anyway, with the dress sorted it feels real and gives me something exciting to focus on and look forward to.

It is 9.15pm so in 13 hours I will be at the hospital begin prepared for me operation and discuijng the surgery. I need to make sure that I make it clear that although I am having to make the decision to have the battery placed in my chest, I want to pushed further down, apparently in a pocket (as the pre op nurse suggested) so that it is less visible as it will be less close to the surface. 
I am nervous about the surgery but more about the after effects that it leaves me with. Being sick when your stomach muscles have been messed with on the inside is not fun! I am presuming that this area will hurt more as they are taking about the battery and wires and the parts that have scarred in place will need cutting out. This seems worse than pushing them through to me.
I also don't really know if they will be needing to cut my hair again to add another/replace the lead. And I really hope they cut out the lumpy part of my chest scar when they put the battery there!

I feel that I don't have all these answers and won't until tomorrow. I hate that! I am sure it saves them time as they haven't had to create a further appointment to discuss these things but for me it means I don't know the plan fully until I get there. I don't like this kind of surprise!

I also need to make sure that I just keep remembering what the pre op nurse said about not being discharged from hospital until I feel ready. And if I am still feeling sick then I am not ready to go home! I guess as my fiancé will be at work, then I can't spend the day alone after an operation like that. That should then mean I am not pushed out and sent home without feeling ready.

Now I am packed (I think) and ready to go. I know the morning will drag, as I am bound to wake early and then by brain will go into thinking overdrive, so I will stay wide awake! 
So....wish me luck!
Of course I will update with photos and details when I can.

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