Friday, 24 June 2016

Uncovered at last!!

A week after having my stitches out, was when I needed to try and keep the dressings and steri strips on until.
My head incision made it hard for the dressing to stay stuck down. We changed it twice and had to use micropore tape to keep the steri strips down with. Eventually it was pointless by 5 days after as the steri strips weren't doing anything to help the wound anymore. 
So now, 2 weeks and 2 days after surgery it looks pretty good. It's neat and tidy but is still a bit raised. The numbness is still there but I think it is getting less numb. There is some feeling there now but I am getting pulsing feelings low down near the scar when I was getting the severe sharp pain.
I am still getting this occasionally, and although I am finding ways to avoid things to seem to make this happen, I think it is also happening less often. I am getting a severe ache mostly. This seems to be in my neck and base of head. It's like I just can't get comfortable and lying down sometimes helps but it depends on the position in which my head is held.

So finally I could have a shower properly and enjoy washing my hair stood up, so in less pain in doing so. 
I let the water wash over my incision and they are tender but it feels so refreshing.
After I applied rose hip oil as it did wonders last time round. I am truly hoping it will help me heal quickly.
It doesn't look like much here but I have a massive issue with the amount it sticks out from my chest. 
It IS going to be obvious and it IS going to be seen. I guess I will have to get over it, eventually. 
You can see here how it protrude most on the inner side, that would be seen most in clothes. 
This is a side on view of my chest so you can see just how much it sticks out. 
This is going to be emotionally difficult for me. I just know it! I know that I don't really want to be looked at differently, despite the fact that I get frustrated with people not understanding my condition. I don't want to HAVE to talk about it, if someone asks, whereever I am.
That first day that I go out with my chest on show ....will be a big day!!!!

Aside, my abdomen incision is looking good. It's slowly flattening out and looks much less red.
Nothing much to worry about here anyway now.

The next day I decided I needed to see if I could turn my stim on. Until now I've forgotten that that was the point of this surgery. That I need to, again, get used to hoping this will help and bring my pain down.
I worked on the two programs that I could feel, to see how I coped with them. The first one felt too low down, so I tried the third and it was ok. I put this into the burst version of the setting and lowered if by 20% (2 bars) and left it on for an hour or two. It was ok until I ate tea, on my lap, as I am still unable to eat at the table, the leaning over is the action that makes the new pain pierce my head. But it was now that I got worse pain. I decided to turn the stim off. This did make the pain lessen but not disappear. 
I also achieved a short walk, as I needed to go to vote on the EU referendum.

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