Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hospital haven't lived up to their promise

So, part of the agreement to allow me to leave hospital on Saturday and not stay in until at least Monday, was that someone from the neuro team would phone me on Monday to discuss my new head pain.
That didn't happen!!
I phoned up the ward at about 4pm, as Hazel the F2, had given me the number to ensure I spoke to someone. A nurse passed the phone to a neuro registrar, who said he isn't on the neuro team fit me but he remembers being told about me. He said he would contact the neuro registrar and get them to call me.

Tuesday....I waited! I heard nothing.

On Wednesday, again it got to 4pm and as no one had phoned, I called the ward. A nurse answered and I fully explained. She said all she could do was pass on all these details to the neuro team.
Still...I heard nothing!

I truly wonder if I had stayed in hospital would I have seen anyone yet? Or would they have done this quicker because I am not out of sight, out of mind!?
It is utterly ridiculous. What am I supposed to do? Every day I am in tears from the pain. I basically can't do sang thing that makes me tilt my neck down or upwards too much. I am spending my day lying down, although I am mostly uncomfortable and achey. My head gives a pins and needles like tingle a lot. But the pain is nothing like I've ever felt. I literally can't cope with it! I can't stay like this. I will never manage to do anything!!!!!! 

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