Sunday, 28 July 2013

This is it.....!!!!

It's 6 weeks on from my last procedure and I am still feeling pretty good!

I didn't want to tempt fate by adding a post before now, as I was feeling so good! In fact, undoubtedly the best ice felt for years! Even other people have commented that I look 'different'....'better'....'have that twinkle in my eyes again'! It's so good to hear that actually I didn't look 'right' when I was in so much pain.

After seeing my consultant a week ago, he was so relieved. He says I was the first person he had performed this procedure on, but that I should now forget ON for the time being and ..."to go off, get married and have babies!!"
If the pain returns then I can have a repeat of the same procedure and if need be, would still be a candidate for the permanent nerve stimulator! 
For now, I am happy with that!!

I'm hoping it doesn't return in full force, but as the pain has totally gone but is just extremely low, then that may not be the case. That's ok, as I know there is still a plan ...but for now I shall try and not think about it.

The blog may be fairly quiet from now, as in order to move on with my life I don't want to dwell on what was or what might still be!

For anyone reading this blog, you can see there is hope!
New procedures are being discovered and you can get your life back in control!
All the best to all my followers!
I'll report back in a month or so to let you know how things are going by then.