Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Now, to make sure my class of 7-8 year olds understand!

So, I have been hunting on the Internet for a video that would explain my operation easily for children to understand. I am a primary school teacher and have never kept any of my operations secret from my year 3 class, but I really want them to understand this one. I feel it's important, not only for them to understand what is going to happen to me and why I will be off work, but also so that they gain knowledge of medical advances, perhaps for their future or to interest them for future careers. You never know, I could been teaching a neurosurgeon to be!!

So....this is the best I have found....
It's simple and in cartoon, so hopefully not too "disgusting".
I'll let you know soon what they think!! 

Update: 5th June 2014
I spoke to my class about my operation and showed the video today, and their reaction was full of interest. 
Most watched the video all the way through and despite a few 'urgh's, they were really interested in how this worked. 
They asked really sensible questions about how do you change the battery.
Overall, I'm glad I showed them. 
I overheard one child explain it pretty clearly I her mum, despite saying I had "nerd damage"!!! ☺️
A few even wanted me to write down the link so they could show their parents. Bless them.
That's at least few people, in the next generation, who now have a bit of knowledge about this terrible and little understood condition. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Count down to becoming a 'cyborg'

So...it has been officially confirmed that my stimulator operation will be 6th June 2014. 
We are going with NHS funding as BUPA haven't backed down in their idea of having another PRF procedure first. To be honest, that's fine with me. At least with NHS I will be under their system, and if circumstances change at least I will be held under the NHS for any revision surgeries etc in the future. All that matters is that I get the operation done and by Mr Patel. 
So it's count down time now!

Less than 2 weeks to go and it's about the only thing I can think about. I know I need this op, but it's taken me a while to get my head around it. Some people who totally get me, have mentioned things like how I will realise just how much effort getting up and getting into work used to take after I get this done. I guess that's true, and there is no other option for me.

I have soooo many questions though, partly because I'm a control freak and need to know everything. My consultant's PA has said I can email by it's if questions for Mr Patel to answer. This is what I've got so far;
* How long will I need off work? 
* What is the full recovery time?
* What will recovery be like?
* Will I need to stay overnight in hospital?
* Do I have a choice where the battery is placed? (I'd prefer behind me in lower back area)
* Will my hair need to be shaved?
* What are the possible complications?
* Is it a lot like pacemaker surgery?
* How long is the actual operation?
* What will I need to be aware of in terms of airport security etc after the surgery?
* What will I expect in terms of follow up appointments?
* Will the stimulator stop all my pain, or just the sharp pain & dizziness?

I will update with the answers when I get them.

It's all a bit real now. 
Not sure how I feel at the moment, but I think it's anxiety/panic/excitement!! 
All I know is I'm getting a few nick names already!! My brothers have said that it will be cool for me to be a "Cyborg"!! 
Makes me smile, at least!!!! 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

More good news!

Well....it appears that I have been given a date for the neurostimulator operation now.....6th June.....!!
No paperwork to prove it yet, but have been told that that date won't change. 
Excited but a bit scared/anxious now!
I just hope it lives up to what I hope it will be!!

Apparently the NHS will allow that date, as I've been on the waiting list since October, and as you have to have a date with about 8 months, then that's perfect! They still want to see if the medical insurance will approve it, as apparently that will be easier in terms of paperwork and getting things signed off. At the moment though, as the insurance has now changed over to BUPA, they are stating they want me to have one more PFR, the same as the last two, before they will consider the neurostim! For me, that is ridiculous and just a waste of time! But if I get it done through NHS, I am happy, as at least it will be easier if things change to get revisions to the stim etc, if needed, at a later date.
Guess we just see now....but either way, who cares...as I'm getting it done no matter what happens!!!!