Saturday, 20 February 2016

Just my luck.........!!!!

So much has been going on that its taken me a while to be able to add this post.
But on 9th February I was involved in yet another car accident!!!! I must attract these foolish drivers to crash into me, as yet again this was not my fault. Luckily the bloke has admitted fault but it was pretty clear that he was to blame. He cut across two lanes of traffic from a side road, and crashed into my driver's side car door, scraping down the while of the right hand side by the time I had emergency stopped! 
Anyway, this is such a huge set back. I have again got whiplash as well as a strained wrist, according to the doctors. I feel so achey and stiff and want to be able to take my head off just to rest it. My head pain has increased and my neck is very tender and sore to touch. My shoulder muscles are tight and tense.

On top of this I had an email from work saying that they have got information about my further surgery. How?? I can't believe that it's ok to discuss someone's private medical information without them knowing!!!!! They said the surgery wait is 6-8 months too!!!! This is far too long for me to cope with. I really don't know what I am going to do if I have to wait for most of this year just to get back on track and hope I can get some of my life back and begin to move forward.
I've emailed my consultants secretary, which is where my work got this information from, so I'll just have to see what they reply.
I truly hope I get some good news. I need it!!!