Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Back to work!!!!

It's only day 2 of being back at work and already I know I can't manage!!!!
I even woke up with head pain this morning and that rarely happens. My head has continued to build in intensity and pressure all day and I literally can't stop the pain, no matter what I do.

I have caused such a scene at work, refusing to teach certain age groups and getting things made as manageable as the role can be....so I need to try and do as much as I can.
I think when I get an operation date, then I will feel like it's actually happening and I can begin to plan how I will make it to that date and what I can cope with having had that worry eased a bit.

UPDATE: 19th April 2016
So I've been back for a week and a half and I thought the pain and panic was beginning to settle and ease. The dull constant head pain is lower but this evening I have had a terrible sharp pressure pain at the top of my neck when I bend my head forwards. 
I can only put this down to the amount I would use this position of my head at work, talking to young children.

I have also had really sharp almost continuous pain around the battery area once again. It has been like this the past 2 days and is really uncomfortable and disconcerting.

I am battling through with work. Part of me wants to prove to myself that I can do this. Time can only tell, but no matter what I am counting down the days until my next operation. It's April now so not too long to make it until May!!