Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pre-op done

I haven't updated for a while as I have been trying to get my head straight and work out what I need and want to do about it all.
In the meantime, I was called for my pre op assessment to prepare for the next surgery. I also finally received the letter that also goes to my GP to explain the last consultation visit. It did state that there would be an additional lead put in, as well as a change of battery that would be put in one of the choice areas. I still think i am going for the chest area, as the wire that runs down over my ribs causes so many pain issues and often gets trapped by my bra. 
I am still awaiting a date but the last I heard is that it would be in May sometime, as requested by my consultant. Goes to show that the secretary doesn't know everything and that her meddling in all of this was uncalled for and completely unnecessary. 
Anyway, the pre op only lasts 18 weeks, so that gives it until end of June....but I truly hope it's before then!

So the pre op was interesting, as I got a chance to mention how much the anaesthetic makes me sick and that I have been pushed out of hospital that last two times and then been sick at home. She really listened and am hoping this will be thought about when my admission details are planned. She also understood my issues completely and was sympathetic and interested. It is so unusual for people to have the time to ask and want to know the answers. It felt good. Running through my medical history though really highlighted how healthy I am. How healthy I really should be, if I didn't have this condition. In a way that is great to know but also very frustrating. 
Then she thoroughly checked my heart, breathing and felt my stomach and the battery area. She said she would usually feel people's head and neck but knew this would be painful for me, so didn't do this. 
Apparently I am extremely fit and so didn't need many tests. Just blood pressure, blood test, MRSA swab and weight & height were taken. No ECG needed.

My concern between now and then is work. How will I cope with it? Will it make me worse in terms of pain or with my mental health. I have come so far recently and having a plan and knowing a rough date for it all really helps. I really don't want to go backwards, as I am already staring over with this repeated operation as it is!!