Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Next plan

After seeing my consultant neurosurgeon the other day, it seems he is still fighting the NHS for funding for the neurostimulator implant. The only chance I seem to have of permanent control of my pain, and therefore other symptoms.
So....the only choice now is a repeat of the last operation that I had; Pulsed Radio Frequency Rhizotomy and Local Anaesthetic Injection Into Muscle.

At least I know the recovery isn't awful and not too long BUT it still means my pain control will be temporary :( and so my life will still be controlled by ON.

On one hand I am feeling positive, as the last time I had this my pain was lowered like never before and for longer than anything else I have tried.
But on the other hand I can't keep waiting for things to wear off or run out and for me to be in extreme pain again! 

I guess only time will tell how long this procedure will last me for but I am almost certain that eventually it WILL end and I'll be back to square one once again!!!