Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Now, to make sure my class of 7-8 year olds understand!

So, I have been hunting on the Internet for a video that would explain my operation easily for children to understand. I am a primary school teacher and have never kept any of my operations secret from my year 3 class, but I really want them to understand this one. I feel it's important, not only for them to understand what is going to happen to me and why I will be off work, but also so that they gain knowledge of medical advances, perhaps for their future or to interest them for future careers. You never know, I could been teaching a neurosurgeon to be!!

So....this is the best I have found....
It's simple and in cartoon, so hopefully not too "disgusting".
I'll let you know soon what they think!! 

Update: 5th June 2014
I spoke to my class about my operation and showed the video today, and their reaction was full of interest. 
Most watched the video all the way through and despite a few 'urgh's, they were really interested in how this worked. 
They asked really sensible questions about how do you change the battery.
Overall, I'm glad I showed them. 
I overheard one child explain it pretty clearly I her mum, despite saying I had "nerd damage"!!! ☺️
A few even wanted me to write down the link so they could show their parents. Bless them.
That's at least few people, in the next generation, who now have a bit of knowledge about this terrible and little understood condition. 

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