Saturday, 10 May 2014

More good news! appears that I have been given a date for the neurostimulator operation now.....6th June.....!!
No paperwork to prove it yet, but have been told that that date won't change. 
Excited but a bit scared/anxious now!
I just hope it lives up to what I hope it will be!!

Apparently the NHS will allow that date, as I've been on the waiting list since October, and as you have to have a date with about 8 months, then that's perfect! They still want to see if the medical insurance will approve it, as apparently that will be easier in terms of paperwork and getting things signed off. At the moment though, as the insurance has now changed over to BUPA, they are stating they want me to have one more PFR, the same as the last two, before they will consider the neurostim! For me, that is ridiculous and just a waste of time! But if I get it done through NHS, I am happy, as at least it will be easier if things change to get revisions to the stim etc, if needed, at a later date.
Guess we just see now....but either way, who I'm getting it done no matter what happens!!!!

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