Tuesday, 29 April 2014


For once, I might have just been given some good news! 
Although I won't quite believe it until I actually have a date and the information through the post........BUT I have just spoken to my consultant's PA (strangely, on a day off work cos my head pain is so bad) but she has given me 2 gems of hope!
1. AXA have asked my consultant for an extra report to state why I am in need if the per nan stimulator and to explain this in reference to the NICE guidelines.
* Well, they have never asked for that before, so it sounds hopeful. We shall just have to wait until the end of the week to see what happens there.
2. I didn't realise that I've been on the NHS waiting list for sometime, and apparently they have approved the funding!!!!
* NO WAY....I thought that was a no hope. I was adamant that there wouldn't be funding for it, well at least it would be my luck that it wouldn't be for me!

So, it seems either way, I can get it done!
If it's approved by AXA it could be in as little time as 3 weeks, if NHS it's only 4-8 weeks wait, as I can have it done at Spire, because I have already been seen as a patient there!

So now reality kicks in!
Uh oh....I'm going to have a stimulator implanted in my body! But if it helps this pain, and for me to get my life back, then it's my only option.

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