Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 4 - another change of neurosurgery

The day was rather odd. As I said, in the Rosa Burden Centre it seemed I was rather left alone. No one really came to check on me much and one nurse was pretty abrupt when I tried to discuss what my choices were about pain relief. 
I got up after breakfast, to go to the toilet and wash my face and the pain left me in tears! This was emotional for me. I don't tend to cry, especially with pain. I think part of it was frustration st not knowing what to do about it either.
Luckily at this point a nurse came in as I had asked someone to come and do my hair, so it was off my neck & face. She didn't really notice how I was feeling but the distraction was good. It stopped me wallowing and having my hair plaited was relaxing and just made me feel less 'ill'.

At lunchtime, someone (not a nurse) cave to my room and asked if I was coming for lunch! Lunch where?? I didn't have a clue what she was talking about. Apparently they have a lunch room that people go down to. As I didn't really get chance to say much more, I said I'd try and make my way down. I put on my slippers and dressing gown, made it to the corridor but just felt awful. Like I was in a bubble and just didn't feel right. I went back to my room and pressed the buzzer to say I can't bake it to lunch. They bought me  sandwich to my room. 

I had a few visitors that afternoon, which distracted me, but eventually a nurse came in to say that i would be transferred to the neurosurgery ward, as things can happen much quicker over there. She explained that is it difficult to get drugs approved and signed off, as they don't have a doctor there on site and therefore they have to wait for one to come across. By now, I was happy with that. Although it meant another move, I would finally be where people understood what was wrong and about the operation I had had. 

About 9.30pm a porter came over with a patient in a wheelchair, who was going into the room next to mine. The nurse asked if he had a stretcher but apparently it didn't work, so I had to make it across in a wheelchair. It was very rickety and wobbly, feeling every bump. But this time my fiancé was with me, so it was more manageable by chatting to him. 
We made it across in the fuel stenched ambulance and it was easy to get to the neuro ward. We had to wait 5 minutes in the quiet room, while room 40 was sorted but soon enough I was in a plush room, with a TV and en suite!
Straight away the nurse was in to see me. It took a while but she got the IV paracetamol sorted once I reminded them. I needed yet another canulla, as she tried the newest one in my right hand but it had gone and saline just filled up on the back of my hand. She had to use the vein inside my elbow, that I give blood from a lot. She was very pleased with herself that it worked out well. The IV was set up and took about half an hour to go through. By now it was 11.30pm so I just went to sleep. This was a bit annoying as I couldn't really tell if it had helped. As I slept pretty well I thought it had made a difference. And I hoped that this would sort the pain out enough for me to go home. 

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