Tuesday, 21 June 2016

2 weeks post op

I meant to write this yesterday, when it was exactly 2 weeks from the date of surgery but I gut way laid with booking a summer holiday. ☀️
Anyway, I'm kind of glad I waited, as last night, for no reason at all, I kept getting the stabbing sharp pain in the top of my head. It was as I was falling to sleep and I don't think I was lying in a strange position, but it left me squirming and whining in pain. Not good. 
I have no idea what caused this. The only thing that was different is yesterday I took off the dressing (as it was falling off) and the steri strips (as they were only stuck down on one side anyway). I wiped it with a damp cotton pad at bedtime and put some rose hip oil on it gently. None of this had hurt or caused pain.
So strange.
Today I have had a couple of moments of this pain when I'm not particularly moving. 
I hope this settles! It's worse than happening when I move, cos at least I can control that!!! 

So here are the latest photos of the incision areas.
The chest is still very bruised. Every morning my arm feels to heavy to hold normally and I go to the bathroom supporting my right arm.
The wound looks pretty good and les raised now. However, the battery will definitely be obvious. I know there is still swelling but then surely it will only make the shape of the battery clearer once the swelling goes down. Even in a t-shirt this area can be seen.
I guess that because it is on show, I will either get over it sooner or later and not care as much about it showing, or I will find clothes that cover it better. Who knows which way I will go!!!

My head incision isn't bad. It looks pretty flat and much better than just 2 weeks after the last surgery. The area to the bottom right of the wound is where the extra wire seems to be, as I can feel the wire underneath. But I don't think it is a circular excess this time, which seems to feel like it protrudes less. 
The area at the top of the incision is still fairly numb and odd feeling. This seems to be where the pain can be caused from. It's like this area is tight. Hopefully that means once this has calmed down and has normal feeling back, then maybe this extra pain will ease.
I still haven't heard ANYTHING from the hospital, which is appauling. However, the longer I wait, the more I think there isn't anything they can do anyway, so what am I expecting them to say. Time will tell.

My abdomen incision looks much better than 2 weeks old. It's still slightly bruised and hurts to lean on it but it looks pretty good to me. 

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