Saturday, 11 June 2016

Day 3 - sick & dizzy

Because I was forced to take strong pain killers, due to amount of pain I have been in, it has now affected me as drugs seem to do, making me dizzy and sick.
I haven't actually been sick but I keep retching and feel like I will be sick.
When my lunch arrived, I opened up the lid and immediately had to move it away from me.

Why does this happen to me!?? I am back where I didn't want to be, feeling sick and in pain is far worse than just the pain itself!

I was managing to get out of bed myself a bit easier and contemplated having a shower of my bottom half today, as I can't get any of my dressings wet. It seems I am never going to manage that now. So here I lie, feeling stinky and sick. Just great!!!

The nurse tried everything she can, with a range of anti sickness tablets, alongside the oramorph but eventually I decide it's not working for me, so I don't want to take oramorph anymore. They keep offering it and discussing tramadol and codeine but I have been sick or dizzy on those before, so I explain this and they reply with "well, there isn't anything else"!!!!!
I feel like I am the most difficult patient on earth! How can there not be anything to help people who don't take drugs often enough to cope with the effects???
A nurse suggested IV paracetamol and as if had that in recovery before I knew I would be ok with that. She also talked about getting Physio to come and see me to see if they can give any advise or give me more confidence in moving around.

When the neuro registrar came to see me he said he wanted to avoid IV paracetamol as it would mean I would have to stay in hospital. That seems so silly, as I am staying in anyway!!! He basically continued to say that medically everything went well with the surgery so it's up to me when I go home. I explained about the pain and he said maybe not go home today and they would try to get me to the neuro ward. 
Next thing I know, the nurse says I have a place on a ward in the Rosa Burden centre and that I need an ambulance to get me there, as it is outside the main building. I asked if I would be in a wheelchair as in not sure I can manage that so she phoned up for a stretcher to be bought across. She packed up my belongings for me so I was ready when they came. 
About 3pm a porter arrived and I scooted across onto the stretcher. It was very odd to be wheeled around the hospital, only looking at the ceiling. Eventually we were outside and the sun was blazing down on me! I felt like a vampire left in the sun, totally melting.
I was wheeled into the ambulance and the nurse came on board next to me. The ride was horrid and stank of fuel. It took far too long to seemingly just go across the road and was pretty bumpy.

We end up outside this little house, where I am offloaded and pushed inside. It's like Fort Knox and we have to knock on the window to be allowed through the door. I get taken to my room and told the camera is off, as it's normally a room to record sleep disorders. It's tiny, pink and dull. On a plus side, it was cool and had a window view.

It seemed like here I would be left to fend for myself. I didn't feel like I could call on anyone too often and no one just passed by, like they do in a ward. 
Later that evening, after not taking anything but paracetamol and ibuprofen since being there, I decided I could cope with going for a wash/shower. I slowly made my way across the hallway to the shower room. I now felt the worst pain in my head I had ever felt! The local anaesthetic must have worn off and it was like someone was pulling on the top of head. Pulling from inside and pulling downwards. I had to hold my head in pain but because I am me, I was still determined to have this wash. I struggled through showering my lower half and armpits. Putting on a little moisturiser and putting my pjs back on. I made it back to bed and once lying down again the pain subsided. It was almost like it hadn't happened. So weird and disconcerting. 

That night I got a better nights sleep, as it was so quiet and calm over there.

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