Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Stitches come out!

This morning I went to the doctors to get the stitches taken out. This time round has been much easier than with staples. I couldn't wait to get them removed at this time but stitches are much less bothersome.
The nurse was really interested in what I'd had done. I explained that I didn't think the abdomen had stitches and she said it could just have been held together by the steri strips. She started on that incision. It didn't particularly hurt and all was off in no time. She was happy with how it was healing and decided to leave it without a dressing on.

Next she cut the stitches off my chest incision, one by one. It took a while as she said some were quite tight. It wasn't particularly painful, just a bit of pulling.
She thought there were a few areas where the skin wasn't quite together or was overlapping rather than flat, so dhe put 6 steri strips on quite tightly to attempt to correct this.

Finally she took the stitches out of my head. It didn't take too long. 
Again, she added some steri strips to the top part, as she said the skin wasn't laying flat but was overlapping a bit.

Overall,I was really pleased with how carefully she did everything and how particular she was about how the wounds looked. 
She recovered the chest and head with dressings, to hopefully stay on for a week to give them chance to stay flat and together. She used a better dressing that was more or less like climb film, as my skin has become very irritated, particularly on my neck.  

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