Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Operation is in sight....

It's been a roller coaster of plans and reorganisation recently but finally I think I have a date that will actually go ahead to have my stimulator implant taken out and a new type reimplanted.
Initially I was given the 23rd May as my date. It then needed my pre op to be checked that I was ok to have the op. Then the next delay was waiting to see if Mike, the rep from St Judes, was available to attend on that date. In the end I emailed him to see if he was free. He said he was booked in! 
Then the next thing I hear is that I have been bumped and someone else needs my surgery time for a more urgent issue. I understand but it is so frustrating. It's like I wasn't to have that date anyway as I had no paperwork and it was as if they were finding all sorts of things to delay getting it finalised.

Anyway, I have now got the paperwork and go ahead for 6th June. Phew! Feels more real now.
In a way this date is better as I get my half term before the op, meaning I have a week off work to get my head around it all and prepare myself for the surgery.
Today I told my work about this date and created plan to return for a day or half day at the end of term, so that I don't go over the attendance triggers. Hopefully this will be manageable, as I will know that I won't be going back for a while as I will have the summer holidays to continue my recovery. A day or half day at the end of the school year won't be much either. DVD. Party. Goodbye assembly. I think I can cope with that to ensure I don't have to have a formal meeting and chance losing my job.
It's so wrong that I have to play it this way, but that goes to show how inconsiderate the workplace is for long term health conditions. So little understanding and huge lack of empathy to ensure I am looked after properly.

At the moment I am in huge levels of pain. The last 2 days have been worse than the have been for a long time. I have been extremely dizzy and had to stop in the middle of lessons. The pain is so bad I have no patience and lose my concentration and temper a lot easier. Then this makes it all worse too. Nothing has helped so I just have to get through the pain. I can't take time off work now, as I can't have any days off as they will then count towards by attendance and then I will trigger the formal meeting earlier! I don't want that. My recovery from the op is more important right now.

So....6 more days of work before the op. That's how I am seeing it. That's how I'm going to get through it.

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