Friday, 28 November 2014

A week post Cyborg...

I just haven't got my head round the fact that I need to take control of my implant yet!
It's still weird that I have got to select and choose what, when, how. So I basically haven't had it turned on as of yet! It's all just a bit too much to cope with. 
I can now feel where the leads are and where they have gone. It's most obvious at my neck and over my collarbone but I can feel it just going over the bottom of my ribs too. I can also feel the paddle part of the lead sitting at the base of my head. 
I am still dealing with the aftermath of the operation, such as getting little nerve twinges at the back of my head, pulling and aching from my head and chest incision and sore areas where the leads where tunnelled or are positioned. 
I am thinking that once I have the surgical staples removed, hopefully some of the discomfort will ease and then maybe I can focus on the benefits I will hopefully get from the implant.

I also am still having some issues with the numbness of my right ear. The top and bottom of the ear more or less feel normal but the middle of the outside is numb and also gets strange pulling pain. It's so annoying!! The area behind the ear when the lead is tunnelled is also the same. It doesn't help that that is where the dressing has to stick to cover the incision of my head. I am having trouble with this dressing as the different type is ensuring the blisters are drying up but it just doesn't stick for long! I am changing it every 2 days. 
And my hair is so's still caked in iodine and this is now pulling on my head at the back. Guess it's like dreadlocks!!! I've done my best to comb it out but really it needs a good wash, but with this dressing not being stick properly and do not waterproof, guess I'm gonna have to wait a while!! Grrrrrr!

Here are some new incision photos.....7 and 8 days on.

You can see this stomach incision is still very swollen and weird shaped. 
This is a photo looking upward so you can see the overhang at the top. I think that feels like my battery there, but hard to tell as its all very tender to touch!

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