Friday, 21 November 2014

Operation complete

It's all over!!!
I actually made it...finally. The op is done and I now have my stimulator implanted.
I have to say the first day was rough!!!
After coming round in recovery, apparently I was in theatre for about an hour and a half, I was in so much pain from my abdomen! Every breathe was hard and I was moaning in pain. I maxed out the amount of morpheme they could give me (16mg, I think) and eventually it settled and I could cope! But the problem then was that I felt sick. I mentioned this in recovery but as I'd already been in there for 2 hours, I think they just wanted me back upstairs in my room! 
I was glad to see my partner again but being sick hurt sooooo much! I had no sick bowl though, so ended up being sick in a carrier bag, with my boyfriend running around trying to find a nurse to get a bowl! But then I used all of those and my boyfriend had to rinse them out so I could continue being sick. Disgusting!! 
Sadly this continued so I didn't get to eat anything!! 
The anti sickness drug they gave me made me ultra dizzy, which was horrid!

The worst part though was getting up to go to the toilet!! Wow!! I couldn't even stand up straight, so shuffled, bent over like an old woman. Then struggled to sit down on the loo!!

Later on I was made to eat some bread & butter so that I could take ibuprofen. I immediately was sick after going to the toilet. Horrid! 
After an appealing night's sleep (think I only got 2 hours in one chunk) I woke to a different painkiller, oramorph, that seems to work for me! I managed breakfast and so feel a lot more myself. 

Then the St Jude's rep visited to set up my frequency programs.
This was so interesting! It's all working well and the middle of the lead seems to give the best results, which is what would be hoped for. 
I held the wand, which was attached to the control and his PDA so that he could change the intensity and frequencies to find what works best and gives the best coverage. Apparently I seem to prefer high banded frequencies, where the feeling holds for longer and is therefore slower.
I now have 5 frequencies set now, so I can try there over the next 6-8 weeks and see what works and what I like most etc.

This morning, I have also even managed to shower my bottom half, as have dressings everywhere else, and change into pyjamas! 
Feeling a lot better!! 

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