Friday, 21 November 2014

The date is here!!!

So at the hospital I was shown to my room and immediately everything was whirring...people in and out, getting things underway, non stop!
My consultant came in first, and explained a few things, drew marks on my scalp where my worst ON pain is, then on my tummy where the top of my jeans are and the bottom of my ribs. He explained he didn't want to put it too high up, because it would push against my ribs when I bend down. We also asked again why the date was changed...and now it makes much more sense. Apparently the kit needed for the implant hadn't all arrived and also other people having the same op that day all had to be cancelled. Therefore, it could never have been 6th November anyway!!!! Feel better knowing that.
Then the anaesthetist arrives. He talks me through his part and after I mention being sick after general anaesthetic when i had a tonsillectomy, he explains that he will give me some anti sickness drugs as I come round to avoid me being sick.
Then I give my food order, answer a thousand medical questions and am admitted by the nurse. I am secretly very happy when I have to tell her my weight!!! 12 stone 9 sounds good!! 

After all this I think that's it...but then Mike, the rep from St Jude's (the company that provide the stimulator implant) comes in the room. Not only would he be in theatre during the operation to ensure it all works as it should, but he spent at least half an hour showing me and my partner the battery, leads and charging kit!
This really was interesting, although was a lot to take it at this time! 
I was surprised at how rubbery and flexible to lead was and that each little metal square is a separate contact to create frequency from. The battery is really small and light! It made me feel educated and knowledgable enough to know what was going to happen and what everything feels like, as well as looks like!
I wish I had shown something for scale in this photo, but the battery is about the size of a small matchbox but not as thick!

At 2.15pm I am collected to go down to theatre. And so the next chapter begins....

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