Sunday, 23 November 2014

Incision photos

Here are some photos of my incisions.
First, is my back of head. This is 2 days post op.
I have developed a small blister at the bottom. Apparently this is due to the dressing used, so the nurse applied a slightly different and smaller one!

I also have still got a numb right ear and side of face but have been told the feeling will eventually come back. Think it is a bit more normal today but not back to normal.

Here is my chest incision, 3 days post op.
Not sure why they didn't use their drawn on line to make the incision but too late now. 
You can just make out the leads coming from my neck towards the incision.
It looks fine but I did get a sore patch on the edge of the dressing, so I've made sure that the new dressing is at a different angle.
You can see the sore patch at the bottom of the photo.

Here is my stomach incision, 3 days post op.
This is the only one I'm unhappy about at the moment, as it's weirdly indented. I'm hoping this is just because of swelling and the surgical staples pulling the skin in. 
It's more obvious in this photo....
Pretty unsightly at the moment!!

Also I am still being sick!!!! Yesterday I managed to eat quarter of a pizza but soon afterwards it all came back up! I was then too afraid to take the morphine I was given so went to bed just on paracetamol. To be honest, I had a decent night's sleep! I only woke up to change position. Slept from 12 until 9am!! :)

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