Monday, 17 November 2014

Seems like it's going ahead...this time!!

I am now getting to the last few days before the op, so am getting things prepared and doing things for the last time before I become a 'cyborg'! 

So went to the gym for the last time today! Am now at my fittest, slimmest and most toned am a bit annoyed that I know I'm going to lose some of this hard work and have to get to this point again once I've recovered! 

I have also booked a haircut for Wednesday (day before the op) so that I know my hair is in good condition and won't need cutting for a whole afterqard, so I have time to heal! Also my lovely hairdresser has left, so am checking out a new one and filing her in on my op....and shaved hair nightmare!!!

I am starting to pack my bag and think what I need to take or have done before I go into hospital! 
It's all a bit surreal but I don't think it will truly hit me into I've actually had it done and by then I'll just have to cope with the aftermath!!!

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