Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Answers to my questions....

My consultant called late yesterday evening and I have now had chance to ask some of the many questions I have about the stimulator surgery.
I only asked the most pressing questions, as I felt I would seem utterly crazy if I asked every single one. Some i will just find out when he discusses the surgery and recovery next Thursday on my surgery day.
Question #1
Do I have a choice where the battery is placed?
I explained that I don't think I can cope with it in my chest/clavicle area, and after losing almost 2 stone and putting on a lot of muscle, I felt I don't have any space there anyway! 
He agreed and suggested having the battery in the abdomen. I am happy with that, as it can be covered with clothes and won't be so bad if it does stick out slightly. He says he will need to get an extension was to do it, but it won't be a problem. 
Yay! So glad I have got past that issue.

Question #2
Will I be under sedation of general anaesthetic for the surgery?
I will be under general the whole time.
That's good with me, as I just didn't want to be under sedation for the whole thing. Although I must make sure I mention that I had a reaction to it when I had my tonsils out in Febuary. 

Question #3
Will my hair need to be shaved?
Apparently he will need to shave a small area just behind the ear!!!
Aaaaasahhhh! No way! Don't think I expected that. I know my hair will cover it and it won't be a total undercut but I really don't want to spend years regrowing my hair. I've spent long enough getting it to the length it is now! 

Question #4
How long is the stay in hospital?
Just out of interest I wanted to see what he said about this...he said 1 night. Well, I just moved on from that as I know that I'm in 2 nights now anyway.

Question #5
How long will I need off work for recovery?
He said usually 2-4 weeks. I reminded him that I was a primary school teacher and that I can't do less than 100% of my job when I am there. He said I could take a month off!
I know he ALWAYS under estimates the time I need off work to be able to work at 100 miles an hour with 30 kids all day I'm looking at after Christmas realistically, I guess. I will definitely need a phased return too tho, as I can't contemplate going from this to a 50-60 hour week. 

Overall I'm soooooo glad that he called to be able to answer these most pressing questions. I feel that I can now prepare myself for the operation, knowing the things I NEED to know! I know most seem to be about vanity and how I will look, but I need to live with this! 

So, now it's onto planning the shopping and ensuring there will be things in the fridge/freezer that can just be put in the oven, as I'm not going to be cooking for a while. I am also making a delicious cake and freezing it, so that it can just be defrosted and the buttercream put in the middle. So when I am home after being in hospital....voila....instant cake!! And cake makes me happy!!!!! 

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