Thursday, 2 October 2014

Is it really true??

It seems I might FINALLY be getting somewhere!
I spent all of last week phoning the NHS secretary for my consultant to try and get a copy of the funding letter and to see if they know anymore than his PA at the Spire hospital, where I was told the operation would happen. I left message after message and finally spoke to her on Friday!!
She said that this is no letter about funding, as funding doesn't need to be approved. Once it's been put through by my consultant, it will go ahead!! 
Ok...that's great news!!
Then she said that she had already emailed the Spire hospital and they were compiling a list of people who need the same operation, so we can all be done in one block to make it easier to availability for the stimulator rep that also needs to be there.
I then emailed the PA at the Spire and she advised me that I am on the urgent list to be done by the end of November! 

I feel relieved that I kind of know a date and am no longer being ignored because of lack of information.

Apparently I will hear from her again tomorrow, to hopefully get an exact date organised! Fingers crossed!!

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