Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Paperwork has arrived!!!

A couple of days ago the paperwork finally arrived. For some reason it took almost 2 weeks but at least it's here. It is confirmed. I do believe it's actually gonna happen now!
Only thing....it states an expected stay of one night in hospital! That just doesn't sound enough, especially as I am only arriving at the hospital at 11.30am, so guessing my surgery isn't until the afternoon. How can I possibly go home less than 24 hours later!? ...as discharge time is between 9-10am.
Anyway, I emailed my consultant's PA just to check. She said that she was asked to provisionally book just one night but that it could be more. I explained my stress and that I couldn't be picked up on the Friday, as my partner would be at work, so she has booked 2 nights. She says it could still be more! 
At least this way I KNOW that I won't be pushed out and have no where to go or have no one at home! Phew!!

I was supposed to get a call from my consultant today, but despite having my phone beside me all day, still nothing and it's now 5pm!
I hope he calls. I really need to know so many things!!! 

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