Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Maybe got a date!

Although it wasn't the next day, I have finally heard from my consultant's PA at the Spire hospital.
She has given me two dates and apparently one will be the date I have the permanent stimulator. So could be 6th November or 20th November!!
Seems strange to be given a potential date. It doesn't feel real. I've not got any nerves or any feelings about it. Guess it's not going to feel real until I see it on paper and I get some more information about the operation. 
If it is November, then I suppose it's not too far away. Am hoping I get the nearer date, as it's less than a month & with half term at the end of October, I might just manage to stay in work until the op. Another 2 weeks on from that is just that bit too long.
I guess I will just have to see what happens from now. I have been very patient but it is running very thin right now!!! 

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