Friday, 12 December 2014

I am now switched on....

The past 3 days I have finally had the courage to turn the implant on!
It's strange but not horrid. 
The first program I used, number 3, I seemed to get used to within a few minutes, so I turned it up, but then couldn't feel that after a little either. Strangely though, I could feel it more if I tilted my head to the right, rested my head against the sofa or the oddest one, had the wand and remote connected to the battery! 

Today I tried a different program, number 5, but within a coule of minutes I had to change it, as it was too sharp despite being on the lowest level. I changed it to program 4, which is a more 'tappy' but again I have got used to over a short while and then barely feel it.
I am not sure yet how well it is helping with the ON pain, as with all the other pain and recovery, I don't know that I'm experiencing higher levelled ON pain . And the lower level constant pain I feel seems masked by the stiffness and surgery discomfort that I am still feeling.

The incisions though are looking a lot better. The chest one looks amazing and I can tell will eventually be barely noticeable. The one at the back of my head is still raised but is neat and I still have numbness between it and my war. My stomach incision is neat but still puckered and odd shaped. It might be getting slightly better but it's hard to tell' 



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