Saturday, 6 December 2014


The night before last I just randomly broke into tears!!!! So unlike me. I'm guessing what I've been through is finally hitting me, so have decided to wait until next week to turn my implant on.
I'm not in any rush! I've put up with this ON pain for so long, I can cope I little bit longer.

My stomach incision is still upsetting me, as it's still puckered and wonky! I think I can feel the battery right underneath the scar, so I was wrong in thinking that it was resting on the scar. I now have no idea why it is such an odd shape!! Everyone just keeps saying it will sort itself out over time....and, it's not that bad....and, it's better than being in your chest....but I still have a deformed body! I kind of blame myself because I was the one who demanded not having it in my chest, so I feel like I brought this on myself!
Not sure how that is ever going to straighten up!!! :(

My other incisions look ok.
The chest one is perfect...

The one on my head is still pretty lumpy but am presuming that will go down as the scabs from behind have only just come off! 
Only time will let for any of this now, I guess!! 

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