Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Battery flipping and wires stabbing!

I have been putting off updating about these current issues, as I was hoping they would sort themselves out!
It's been about 4 weeks now, so I guess not!!!

First problem:
Since that start of March, so just after I saw my consultant (typical) I noticed that my battery seemed to flip forward when I bend over. It seemed to happen when I had trousers where the waist line was on or below the scar site. It doesn't happen with my gym leggings or work trousers, as these are high waisted. 
It then seemed to almost get caught in the forward position and then catch on my ribs. A couple of times I have more or less had to push the battery back in as it is stuck. This not only feels hideous, it makes me feel sick for a split second. 
I now fear this happening everytime I bend down or over and so am starting to hold the battery site when I do bend over.

I know this photo isn't pretty, but this is me being able to hold the battery forward with my finger behind the top. This isn't normal and didn't happen before I pulled the wires off my ribs.
The wires are still off my ribs and haven't scarred back down totally! To me, this shows that there is now excess wire so the battery must have moved upwards slightly.

Second problem:
Since 13th March I have also been experiencing sharp stabbing at the back of my head, but where the excess loop of wire is. It happens for a few seconds but is often so intense it stops me in my tracks. It feels very sharp and quite often that area is also very sensitive to touch and hair movement.
I have been keeping track of this and it seems to last for a few days and then go for about a week and then continue that cycle.
I am not sure what is causing this. Whether it is more disturbed nerves (due to my over sensitivity) or it is the actual wires causing this feeling! Who knows!!! 

So over the past two weeks I have left two answer phone messages with my consultant's secretary and emailled but only just heard back today. Although, she seems to have not understood, as Mike from St Jude's phoned me thinking there was a problem with the battery. I explained the issue and he thinks I may need to have the battery replaced further down as I have already experienced this for four weeks, which is long enough for it to scar back down. 
I REALLY don't want that, but also I can't put up with this awful feeling and worry whenever I back down!
He is suggesting an appointment be made with my consultant for after Easter, as he is away at the moment.
Guess we shall wait some more ....and just see what he has to say!!! Grrrrrrrr!!

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