Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Update on scars

Apart from still suffering from the battery flipping and the wires stabbing, most of the scars are looking really good.
My abdomen scar is fantastic, especially remembering how unhappy I was originally. It is barely noticeable now and really flat.
I guess the rosehip oil is doing a great job here!

My chest scar is still the same. The raised keloid part is still just as raised. It still itches and hurts a lot. It is often really itchy but due to it being so raised, it hurts to itch it. The other half though looks really flat and barely noticeable. How annoying!

My head scar is great and has always been very thin but the loop of wire is getting more obvious and sticks out more. It too is often itchy and sore. 
It really difficult to get an accurate photo but you can see here that the loop of wire is obvious and it goes directly under either side of the original scar.

So, I'm not sure what the future holds with all these issues.
I still haven't heard back from my consultant, although the St Jude's rep called a week ago as he had been told there was an issue with the battery. I explained the problem with it tilting forwards and he of course said I would need to see Mr Patel, but that he felt from experience I may need to have the battery replaced slightly. I really don't want another operation!!!!!!! But I can't put up with this happening for much longer. The other day I bent over to put something away on a drawer and it flipped 90 degrees forward and got stuck. I had to push it back in! Utterly hideous feeling and it happens more and more when I bend over or put my right leg up. So unfair!!!!!

Update: 14th April 2015
I have had a letter through with a date for a neurosurgery follow up appointment, but I have no idea if that is to see Mile from St Jude's to reprogram the stimulator or to actually see Mr Patel about the battery and wire issues. I guess I'll just see when I go. It's not until 13th May, so I've got a little while to wait now. That's annoying but at least I'll be back to full time work by then, so will have truly tested it all out properly! 


  1. Hi I am a primary school teacher off work with ON it's so hard to work like this with pain and feeling ill as you know. Hope you are doing well back at work. Thanks so much for your blog and keep posting! Good luck.
    Lyn, Bristol

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It's nice to know my blog is getting read by someone. Hope it is helpful.
      Yes, life as a primary school teacher is ultra difficult when suffering with ON. Small world though, as I am Bristol based too.
      Hope you are managing as well as possible!
      If you want, please join my Facebook group. Search for 'UK Occipital Neuralgia support group'. We are a small friendly closed group where you can rant and discuss things freely.