Thursday, 12 March 2015


Last week, the day after my follow up appointment, I had my third programming session with Mike from
St Jude's Medical that provide the implant. 
I desperately needed some programmes to try and help my worse pain days, as nothing was breaking the pain I had last week! On the appointment day it was the third day of severe constant pain. This was the longest I had suffered since the op.
We set another 4 programmes that are all extremely low frequencies, all at 2Hz. I obviously seem to know the ones that are too much for me, as I mentioned the programmes set from before that I hated and made me have goose bumps immediately and these were set at 150Hz, so we are never going that high again!!
There is one setting (program 13) that seems different, as it spreads out the higher it gets. It's strange though as you can feel the tapping through my skin, close to my ear. It's more or less at pulse band width, so it pretty slow. Apparently I seem to like these most!
Although I spent as long as possible, day after day, with this setting up pretty high. I still couldn't break the pain. It eventually subsided 5/6 days later! 
I'm not sure it was the implant though, I think it had just been long enough.

I am continuing to leave the stim on day and night on my low setting (program 8) as I barely feel this one.
We shall just see what happens, as always, I guess! 

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