Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Update on my scars

I've been meaning to do an update on how my scars are doing and what they look like over 3 months after the surgery. 
My head scar looks pretty much the same, as it healed pretty quickly and neatly. I think the loop of extra wire is now more obvious than it was, as all swelling has gone now.
My hair has now got to an annoying half stage, which it's too long to be unnoticed but too short to pin up or wear within my ponytail!

My chest scar is still very lumpy (well, half of it) and the sensitivity is still high when brushing on clothes or if my hair touches it. 
I have now used the Haelen tape for about a month but I can't see any improvement or difference in how it looks at all. It is still just as raised, just as red and shiny and just as sensitive. 
Immediately after taking the tape off, the scar does seem flatter and the skin around it is paler, almost white! This calms down overnight but then the scar raises back up again too. Sometimes whilst wearing the tape, the area become very itchy and the tape seems to pull on the area. At most it seems to helping with clothes touching it during the day, but there are times when I feel it needs to have a rest and so I leave it open for the day, with just some rosehip oil applied. 

My stomach scar is just becoming less purple and healing well. It is straighter than it was and does not seem to be wonky or puckered! Even though I am not back at the gym properly and losing weight again, this does not seem to affecting the scar's look or shape.

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