Friday, 23 December 2016

Awful sharp pain

Today I felt the need to update as I'm experiencing such awful pain. Yesterday the back of my head was itchy and annoying me. The wire area was sharp when pressed and I had to keep rubbing it to take away the annoying feeling. Today I am getting a continuing sharp pain when I move my head or rest it against anything. It literally feels like someone is poking the back right side of me head with a needle. It's sharp but a very small area.
I can only think that this is due to being so busy and not getting much rest. I have been so busy declaring Christmas cakes, wrapping presents and shopping and all these things take their toll on my and my pain levels. It just goes to show me how much not working really has helped my avoid more of this. As I have still been sleeping well, about 10 hours a night, yet doing that little bit extra is obviously still too much!!

While I'm here, I'll update about the ill health retirement and work stuff.
I haven't received anything about the application for ill health and I sure there is still a form I need to complete and sign. Therefore I doubt the application has been sent off the Teachers Pension Scheme.
I have contacted the DWP. THAT was ridiculously difficult! I answered a million questions over the phone and eventually was told to send in the original of my doctor's note. The next day I got a text to say that I am entitled to Employment and Support Allowance! It's about £72 per week, which I can't really sneer at. I am now on half pay but with the extra it work out as just under three quarters of what I usually get per month. For now, that will do.
In terms of the dismissal meeting from work, that I was supposed to be told about mid December if the ill health application hadn't been submitted, well....I haven't heard a thing!! To be honest that is disgraceful! It's stresses me out enough worrying what is best and what will come of it, but to not stick to what they said really bothers me. I ended up emailing to say so, knowing no one will get the email until the new year, but I feel like they can't pull the wool over my eyes. I know what is going on! seems that for now I am waiting to hear about dismissal and ill health retirement. I can't move on or move forward until this gets sorted.
Yet the longer this takes the more I realise how work really does affect my pain levels and therefore what will I be capable of in my future??

Concerned is the least I can say about it all.

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