Thursday, 24 November 2016

More reprogramming

After I had emailed the previous update, I didn't hear anything, even though I thought it was obvious that I needed more reprogramming, so I contacted my consultant's secretary for an appointment. She went round the houses, saying that i couldn't have an appointment until January, but the rep stepped in nay sorted it for the next week.
So last week I had more reprogramming.
Even though I told him that generally the pain has halved from a general 6 to a 3, I explained that the break through pain is worse and now more piercing and sharp, causing me to twitch and jump with the intensity of the pain. Also this pain is in two distinct areas on my head; low down right hand side and nearer the crown of my head. This seems to incorporate the original ON area and now the newer one that started since my most recent operation.

I expressed that I feel like I am left without much to turn to, as I have limited choices of programs that can be set and most are unusable for a day to day setting. The rep explained that with occipital stimulation, most patients only have 2 or 3 settings and that some are just for when the pain is worse and not intended to be left on whilst continuing daily life.
So we set about creating new programs based on the 10htz version that is the only one I can use.
We created a tonic version of this program, where sensations can be felt. 
Then after a few trials we found another setting that felt like it might be helpful and we made tonic (with sensations) and a burst (no sensation) of this.
So now I only have 6 programs, although program 1 and 3 are the 40htz and 20htz programs from before. 

He also discussed that maybe having the program on 24 hours a day could be overloading my occipital nerve, so turning it off at night mig be worth a try.

I guess, it's getting to the end of what I can gain from this now. Hopefully having at least another program to alternate with, so that I feel I have an alternative to go to if required, will help enough to gain control when I need it.

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