Sunday, 20 November 2016

Update on new stim programs

When I last saw my consultant and St Jude's rep, they both asked me to update them on how it was going with trying to the new programs.
It's easiest to just copy the email I sent;

I was doing ok with the 10htz burst setting until I had a lot of added stress from work, who called a dismissal meeting because of my attendance. This is when the pain levels worsened and I couldn't control them using this program so worked my way back through the others. The tonic programs now don't seem to do much in terms of pain control in comparison, so I didn't stay on those for long. I then gave both the 40htz and the 20htz burst settings a chance by attempting to leave them on for a few days. The 40htz one feels pinchy and irritating within a day so I switched to the 20htz version. This I managed to leave on over 2 days until it became pinchy and annoying. The stabbing pain wasn't being controlled well and the numb feeling I have at the back right side of my head became more tingly and felt a higher degree of numbness and spread over a larger area.

I made the decision to switch back to the 10htz version as it seems to give me the best control that I can get from the programs I have.
It again took a few days to settle and help control some of the higher levels of constant pain, but I now have more sharp stabbing pain and tingling (like pins and needles) at the back of the head, than I had before the added stress from work.

I think maybe another reprogramming might be worth a try, although I'm not sure what you have left to work with, as I now seem to only have one setting now that I can use successfully without causing more aggravation or irritation. 

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