Friday, 28 February 2014

All computers say "NO"!!!!!!

I've just spoken to my consultant on the phone as he wanted to let me know that despite thinking he could get funding for my stimulator implant operation on NHS, it seems they have changed their minds!! 
He was going to put through a few people, in the same boat as me, as a group approval on NHS but the people who are in charge have now said that this can't be done! Each case has to be seen individually! He said that could mean tgat some won't get the approval! How ridiculous! 
So....the next plan is to go back to my medical insurance and for him to rock the boat a bit! He is going to go more senior than the clinical nurses/doctors that denied my op twice, and explain forcefully that this NEEDS to go ahead! He even knows the name of the person who has had the exact same op, for the same condition, approved by the same company! 
I truly hope this means it will actually get approved! If so, the wait wouldn't be as long as I was now having to think!
I don't really know what to think now....I'm so muddled and all over the place with all this! All I do know is, that if I don't get this approved this time, I may not ever get it done!!! Sounds like the NHS are being stubborn on this operation...and as I'm one of a few, the chances are difficult! I guess because I may have another avenue, he is going to fight that as the more likely option!

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