Thursday, 13 June 2013

Plan E

Ok! Plan A and B are now never going to happen! 
Despite my consultant writing a letter to state that occipital neuralgia is synonymous with chronic migraine, they are still saying it is a risk. Apparently the NICE guidelines have a clause in there saying that it is experimental!!!! How annoying!
Surely EVERYTHING is experimental at first, until people have it done and they can tell that it works! Ridiculous!! 

So, therefore my life is left at crossroads AGAIN!
I am on the NHS waiting list to see if there is any special funding for the stimulator inplant. So I have to wait that out now, until I find out my chances of plan C getting a look in.....or not!!!

Of course, I will now have another smaller procedure that will give me an unknown amount of relief, but this is still temporary! I will yet again not know when ON will come back and knock me down!!! So, I can't forward plan my life still!! Grrrrrr!!!!

The temporary procedure is tomorrow! I will be having PRFA to the occipital nerve and injections into the surrounding muscle, in the hope to decompress the muscle away from causing pain to the nerve. This is a new experience for me and my consultant but apparently can give good results and a decent amount of time pain free! We can only see, I guess.

I usually feel really positive when I'm going into hospital for a procedure but this time I feel different. It's hard to describe but I don't see my future anymore so I can't feel the same. I feel like it's just a cover up....a way to shut me up for a little while.

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