Friday, 26 April 2013

The first baby steps towards the nerve stimulator

After seeing my consultant the other day and thinking we would be discussing the nerve stimulator implant, I came away rather annoyed and deflated!!
As he had met up with another expert of ON, from Holland, he had an alternative for my next procedure! To do PRFA to the occipital nerve and then to inject local anaesthetic into a pocket in the muscle, so it will decompress the nerve away from being tangled amongst the muscle it runs through.
It sounded great...well, that's if I hadn't been battling this for so long and now needing my life back!

So after much discussion with loved ones, I emailed my consultant to say that I feel the stimulator would suit me better, as the other procedure is still only a temporary fix. Apparently it could last up to a year pain free! That's just not good enough for me now! Six procedures on...I need to be in control of this!! I was told he would call me for a telephone consultation.

This is when I truly realised that the stimulator was the right choice for me! I was so nervous about the phone call. Hoping it would be the go ahead.

So when he finally and said he totally agreed with me and my thoughts, I was over the moon! Finally a chance to get my life able to plan STOP feeling pain, day in, day out!
He questioned if I realised that I would have an implant, which of course I do! I've spent so many hours googling and reading people's blogs. I've seen all the hideous photos. I've even spoken to my hairdresser for the past year, to plan on growing my hair long, in case I need to cover up if any of my hair gets shaved off!
Still, despite all this there is no choice. If I want to lead the life I should have had, I need to do this!

Only problem getting it approved by my medical insurance company!!
Now this is now down to my consultant. He is now writing reports to share my history and about the procedure, making it clear I have tried everything with only short lived benefit.
Also, only 3 days ago, NICE have now acknowledged the stimulator for ON not just chronic spinal pain. It's all positive so far.
My consultant said he'd back me all the way, so fingers crossed now!!

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