Sunday, 21 April 2013

How it all began!

Onto my journey I guess......

It all started in October 2008, when a drunk driver crashed into my car whilst I was stationary at traffic lights! it was only 5.30pm!!!

Initially I seemed to suffer severe whiplash but despite some aches and twinges, returned to work and was fine.....until January 2009. One evening i suddenly got THE worst headache, stabbing pains not stop and awful dizziness.
This continued.....and doctors seemed unable to work out the problem. I tried so many different drugs, many made me sick but just didn't help. Eventually, i am referred to a neurologist 2 months later, who knew the issue immediately. After prodding me about and asking a million questions, I was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia.
I felt so relieved....until I returned to my GP who blatantly said "We've come to the end of the line here, so you need to seek alternative treatment."
Why, oh why, I couldn't be seen by the neurologist, I will never know! :(

I began a series of acupuncture treatments. To start with they did make my pain worse, until the expert was able to work out the best positions of the needles. In fact, after a while they helped enough to get me back to work!
I battled through a few months but after the summer holiday (as I'm a teacher) I returned in September feeling well enough to continue as I always had!

GREAT I hear you say...but my journey certainly does NOT end there!!

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