Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Nerve blocks

Nerve blocks are used as a confirmation of diagnosis for ON. If you get a positive result and the pain is considerably lowered, then it means that the occipital nerve is damaged/affected.
The nerve blocks are targeted towards the nerve that causes the pain. This can be the greater or lesser occipital nerve.

In my experience, the nerve block was far more of a big deal than I thought. I presumed that I would feel fine the day after...but it actually took a few weeks for me to get back to 'normal'!
During the procedure my consultant pressed over the occipital nerve area at the back of my head and found the point that if pressed worsens the pain. This is called the Tinel's point. A dot was drawn with a permanent marker and I was slightly sedated. The injections didn't take long, but were pretty uncomfortable.
After staying in Recovery for a while, I was taken back to my room. For a whole I felt fairly dizzy and although was given something to eat, felt a bit strange....but was glad to finally go home a few hours later.

The injection site was tender for about a week and although it was difficult to distinguish the difference between ON pain and surgical pain, I could tell the pain had been lowered significantly.
Unfortunately for me, this only lasted a week or so! At least that was proof of my ON ...but I truly hoped it would be the answer for me!
This left me wondering what next?!
How can I live like this? I had heard that you were able to have nerve blocks six times a year....there's no way it's worth me going through all that just for a week of lowered ON pain!!

The search for an answer continues.....

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  1. Hello. I know this is an old post but I'm reading your entire blog as I lay with an awful ON headache. I have an RFA on Thursday. I just wanted to comment to say you are a lucky duck to get sedation for your nerve blocks! I've had 11 in total--2 last year, 3 in March, and 6 on May 9th. The only time I got light sedation was the 6. Anyway, I'm so sorry your ON is so persistent. I truly hope you find relief soon!