Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Relief!!!!! 🙃

For a week now I have had much lower pain and the terrible stabbing, pulling pain rarely happens. 
On Saturday a week and a half ago, in desperation, I left my stim on a setting I hadn't tried for long before. It is the 10th setting which is a burst one, so I can't feel it and I turned it down 20-30%, as recommended. At the time I didn't feel anything helpful but I decided to leave it on just to see.
It wasn't until the Tuesday that I noticed some relief. To start with I could do things that would normally have meant added pain, but it didn't. I also noticed that my scalp was really tender and overly sensitive.

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  1. I've just come across your blog; I hope you are still geting some relief. I've been researching occipital nerve as I think this is what I've been dealing with for about 20 years. I've spent a fortune on chiropractic, accupuncture and massage. It's constant, never ending and dibilitating and is getting worse. It's a balance between this, work, fibro and everyday stressors.