Sunday, 13 September 2015

Work place assessment

Finally, after years of seeing Occupational Health and the same doctor recommending me having an assessment of my workplace, to see if there is anything that could be done to support me at work, I had this on Thursday 10th September.

Typically my school weren't prepared for the arrival of the registered nurse undertaking the assessment, which annoyed her no end! 

She came into my classroom for about 45 minutes and then I chatted to her whilst the class were in assembly! I then had to organise someone to take them out to break (in the middle of my meeting) and then had to interrupt once again to ask someone to organise cover for my class for a further 15 or so minutes! The nurse was outraged that cover hadn't been sorted beforehand, as it was supposed to have been! I tried to explain that this is usual for me! 

Anyway, she was thrilled by my teaching and pleased that I had done what was under my control to ensure the classroom was suitable and that I could use areas with as much ease as possible, and that I endured I didn't twist my head too much whilst using the computer at the front of the class. She was appalled that I had a rickety old desk that I had had to provide myself and that my chair was broken and therefore not supporting my back efficiently. 
She also recommended that I undergo a stress risk assessment, as obviously in a highly stressful job, she is aware that this has an impact on my condition. She kept saying "remember it is just a job" and "one day at a time"! It was great to here these things from someone who was solely there to think about my welfare. 

I then showed her where we do our lesson planning when out of the classroom.....and she was disgusted!! She couldn't believe that anyone, let alone me, was expected to use that area to plan on a computer for 2 hours at a time. She wrote many things to add to her report here, including lack of adjustable chairs, broken keyboards.

I am so looking forward to reading the final report. It will make an interesting read. And I wonder how many of the recommendations will actually be sorted or taken up??

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