Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Scar update

Thought it was about time to share how my scars are! 
Overall they are really good!
My stomach one is the best. 
You can barely see it now! Only problem is, I am almost certain I am going to end up with a new incision there, to sort out the battery movement issues. Shame really!!

My chest one is still irritating. It's looking slightly better but still very obvious compared to the rest, and the other half of it. 
It is still really itchy and sensitive when clothes or hair touch it. I am constantly itching it but it hurts to itch on it, so I am always trying to scratch around it. I am sti using rose hip oil on it, but really it just soothes it temporarily as I don't think it is making it look any better anymore.

My head scar is very fine and barely seen but it's the excess wire loop that is noticeable.
I do wear my hair up for the gym and that is manageable but I have worn my hair up for work a couple of times and by the end of the working day my head is tight and achy, so I can't keep it up any longer.

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