Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lack of understanding

Recently it has become more and more evident that so many people, despite all my efforts, just have no understanding about ON!
My friends who ask and listen have a deep knowledge of the effects as well as how my life has changed BUT it seems that my employer doesn't want to do so!

At the moment I am not coping well with full time teaching. It is draining and exhausting, causing me higher pain levels and more persistent dizziness. This happens in class frequently and it is become an issue.
A month ago I mentioned that I needed support to manage full time until the end of the school year, especially with the added expectation of school reports that need to be completed. It has taken until now for someone to get back to me about this and in the meantime I have suffered such stress that I have been in tears almost every day. I even went to a member of senior management and told them this. 
In the meeting I made it clear how unsupported I feel and the response was "but you've had a phased return!" Do they not recognise that this only helps you back to work not to stay at work!
I truly feel that this condition is so hard to get across to people because they are not interested, probably because you look "well". There are other members of staff with other more well known chronic conditions, who get support to manage at school, whilst I get nothing!

Sadly, I know I am going to have to see my GP and get a reduced hours sick note in place as soon as possible, ready for September. This is the only way I can get across that I am not coping!
I guess I might have to admit to myself that I might not ever manage full time teaching again, but I am not ready to totally rule that out just yet! Partly because of routine and stubbornness but also because I don't know what else I would do! 
I am sure that a different job would be more manageable with ON but I just don't know!!!

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