Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Can't believe I'm back to this feeling....

I haven't felt this bad for a LONG time!
Constant severe head pain with random stabbing in the temple and back of head. I knew my dizziness as getting worse and more often but I am back to breaking point, where my work is now affected and I spend my evenings trying anything to help relieve the pain I am feeling! 
This is no life!
Today at least two people said I looked tired/exhausted/unwell. I guess I at least feel that it does show when I am at my worst and some people, who look carefully, do notice. Usually people hate to be told this sort of thing, but it reassures me that I am at my worst.

At point usually is when I have to take time off work. I am begun to feel so bad in class that children start to notice that I am holding my head, or I need a moment because I am dizzy. I start to take out my pain on others, by getting annoyed at nothing in particular and letting things frustrate me, that wouldn't normally.
I am so trying to get to the end of term but as things are, and trying to manage full time, I have already had to take one day off last week, just to help me through. Sadly, I see that this may be the only strategy I have available.

Apart from more reprogramming, and hoping we find a useful setting sometime soon, I'm not sure what else is going to help me now, in terms of combatting the breakthrough pain.
To help my pain levels not to reach this high so often, I am awaiting the GP appointment to discuss reduced hours for the start of next academic year. This is now my only option. 
I am willing to give this a go and I really want it to work!

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