Monday, 9 February 2015

Chest scar

As you can see, one half of my scar is flat and really neat but the other half is raised and overgrown from the original incision size. I discussed this with my GP over the phone and he wants me to see a nurse tomorrow about it. 
I will update once I have been to the appointment.

Update: 13th February 2015
It was an interesting visit to see the nurse the other day. She was so bemused by the scar that she got another nurse in to look at it too. They couldn't work out why half is completely perfect and the other half raised, especially as it is completely healed at this stage. 
She agreed that it is keloid like (but can't diagnose as a nurse) and really understood just how sensitive it is! 
After a bit of googling to find out its name, she prescribed my Haelan tape. It is a thin tale, much like sellotape, but is impregnated with a steroid. She felt this might not only protect from clothes running it but also press the scar down whilst hoping to improve it with the steroid.

I've now tried it for 4 days, just during the day, and it does seem to lighten my skin temporarily which of course make its all look better. By morning the colour has returned to normal but I think the scar is slightly flatter than it was. 

I have had some redness from wearing the tape but it isn't a rash so I am continuing to use it daily.
We shall just see what happens now.

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