Friday, 9 January 2015

Recovery is in sight

It's been a couple of weeks since my last update and I can now see that the odd feelings, pain, uncomfortableness will eventually disappear and I should not notice the incisions, battery and wires in my body at some point.
Things are much more comfortable now generally, although my stomach is still tender and wearing tights or jeans done up all day is too much. At night I often undo them or take tights off.
My neck is still a bit tight and turning fully to the right is pretty stiff. I don't force it too much as I don't want to cause any damage.
My chest incision out often pretty itchy and the muscle there still aches a bit, particularly when I stretch across my body to the left.

Overall thought I am now managing to do little bits of normal things. Although if I go too much, I do feel that my leads inflame the area surrounding it, particularly in my neck and chest and my stomach becomes more tender.
I did go to the gym just for 25 mins the other day. I only did low level exercise, just to get slowly back into doing something. I worked on a low impact program on the stepper and walked an incline on the treadmill. To be honest, that was pretty difficult and I had to rest half way through, after only 5 minutes!

My implant though still seems to be doing very little. My head pain has been getting worse and lasting for days at a time and the programs I can cope with don't appear to help. The other programs are still too pinchy for me to cope with for any length of time. 
I have been battling to try and get hold of someone at the pain clinic to get an appointment to see Mike, my rep, and finally today was told I can meet him next Tuesday. Hopefully we can set up a wider selection of frequencies so that I have a bit more choice! 
We shall see, I guess!

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