Sunday, 12 January 2014

Looks like I'm in for a LONG wait now!!

On Friday I finally heard from the clinical team from my health insurance, despite them having the report from my consultant from 18th December!!!!
The short answer is.......NO!!!!!! :(
It, again, seems that they feel there is not enough evidence to prove the stimulator implant system will work for occipital neuralgia, so there is no change since trying to get this approved back in June! So why did they need to take so long about it!?
They say that they cannot comment on other cases, so the fact that someone has had this approved for the same condition, through the same insurance company, doesn't make a difference. A president is not set in the same way it would in court, for example, so we haven't moved any further forward.

Therefore, I am now on another waiting list!
I am on the NHS waiting list for my consultant, so who knows how long I may be waiting now.
My consultant's PA is trying to find out how long the wait might be, but my consultant himself did say it could be a few months. I bet that was a conservative estimate and it's way longer!! :(
I don't think he thought I would be denied by the insurance.

So....once again I am out of control of my life, my future and have no way of planning anything!
I had hoped I would get this sorted soon and could then move forward and onwards with my life but looks like that is not my luck.
I will be waiting for that letter with a date.....and until then I cannot plan my future with work OR with my personal life.

I am annoyed.
I am nervous, as I hate being out of control.
I am worried that that now I won't have so much say over where I have the battery pack is implanted.
Let's hope my wait isn't too long.
Fingers crossed!!

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