Thursday, 21 January 2016

Can't take much more!!

I literally am at the end of my patience! I can't cope with the endless waiting, alongside the lack of help for my ON as well as this new pain around my battery site. 
This new pain has been much worse the last 3 days, and randomly causes sharp, stabbing pain lower down in my abdomen and sometimes is tender to touch. If clothes brush over this area it feels 'odd'. I can't explain the feeling properly but it just feels different, more sensitive I guess.
I don't know how to manage all this!!

I have also developed a hacking cough and this is causing my stomach muscles to work a lot and much more often than usual, this definitely causes some of the battery site pain, as I can feel it when I've been coughing. 
This, again, doesn't help.

I feel lost. Like it's all hopeless. I'm waiting patiently but it's going on too long. Even when I finally get to see my consultant next week, I undoubtably will have another wait, for who knows how long! I am going to have to be truly honest about what I feel and what I need. 
An answer would I be a start. And a date of when things can be done!

Here's a photo update of my incision sites and tender battery and wire area.
The wire can clearly be seen as a loop at the base of my ribs. This protrudes more if I twist the top half of my body to the right, whilst the bottom leans left.
This photo clearly shows my abdominal muscles are alongside the battery area, as the battery area is very flat and the rounded dip is the muscle that pushes on it. I am also sure that when I sit down the battery is pushed over my hip bone and the sticks out. I can feel lumpy tissue thy has grown into the battery at this point and it is uncomfortable. 
Here is the awful and still tender scar on my chest. It is very red and lumpy and itches and often has a 'spiky' tingly feeling if something brushes on it.
Here you can see the looped extra wire in my neck. This also itches still and is very annoying and in the way. It's very difficult to scratch because of the amount it sticks out.
Here's another view. You can see the very neat scar here but the loop of wire is still clearly visible.

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  1. I've been contemplating this surgery. Either the internal tens or the excision of the nerves. I have 15+ migraines a month and they kill my right eye. I hope you get relief soon. It's not easy to make these life changing decisions and when something we do to help ourselves doesn't work it's maddening.