Friday, 6 June 2014

Why me...?!

I can't actually believe it!!!
Why do bad things always happen to me!!! The worst thing is I knew something was up but it was out of my control to truly know, or do, anything about it!!

Although today....right now....I should be having the operation I have been waiting years for, it turns out that 5.30pm yesterday was when I was told there had been a mix up at the hospital!
It seems that because the NHS approved the funding for the stimulator implant at the same time that we were trying to get it approved by BUPA (who decided I had to have another radio frequency procedure before they would approve the stimulator) ...then my consultant and his PA have got confused. They were planning different operations; Mr Patel thought we were doing the PRF but his PA thought we were using the NHS funding to go ahead with the stimulator. It appears that they didn't realise they were thinking different things until late yesterday!! Great, thanks so much!!
Anyway, I have refused to go into today for the PFR as it is a complete waste of time and just holding off the inevitable. It was offered that I could go in today for the PFR and then in a few weeks time plan a date for the stimulator.....WHAT'S THE POINT???!!!!!! I just want the stimulator!
So, my consultant's PA said that after my phone call with Mr Patel today, we will try and sort a new date for the stimulator within the next two weeks. 
I guess we will see about that! With my luck, I bet that's not the case!! 

After thinking about this situation, it seems rather odd to me! 
I was in constant contact with Mr Patel's PA. After sending in all those questions, she said he had my case file and she would get it back and send on the answers. Surely, he would have realised something was up after me asking those questions. My emails were titled 'stimulator implant' and as we had NHS funding, why put it off!? As Mr Patel knew my feelings about having to repeat the PFR, and apparently he agreed, then why would we go forward with that!!!??? 
Maybe, they made an error and hadn't done things that should have been done and so are covering up for that!
I've had no paperwork, for PFR or stimulator, so it just seems odd. 
I knew something was wrong when I didn't get anything in the post, or have a pre op etc....but still, I got my hopes up, I planned everything, I organised things at work, explained my op to my class of 7-8 year olds. 
I don't know where it all goes from here!! 
I guess I'll see what happens from this phone call today!! That is, if I actually get the phone call!! 

So, it is now past 8pm and what a phone calls all day!
Obviously I am of very little importance and my health and future means nothing!!!
How special do I feel right now!!! 😞 

Update #2:
After having to wait ALL weekend to be able to hear something from the hospital, I phoned this morning to find out thatmy consultant's PA was not at work today! I spoke to someone else about the situation, who assured me that she would see what she could do and call me back in the afternoon.
Surprise, surprise, I've heard nothing! I tried calling but no one would answer! Honestly.....I have no idea what to do, or how to cope with this anymore!!!!!!

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